Hills and Moorlands of the Peak District - Mount Famine, South Head, Kinder Scout and Rushup Edge

Power BI Examples


Microsoft Power BI Visualisations of varying types and datasets. These are images, previously they were embedded links to the Microsoft Power BI Service but these are not responsive in this form yet. I'm sure Microsoft are working on it.

Central England Temperature Dashboard and other Visuals on multiple pages

This report contains a Central England Temperature Dashboard, a Scatter Graph displaying the Top 10 warmest seasons (by season) in the Central England Temperature Record (CET) record set and Stacked Column Charts displaying the Top 10 average coldest and warmest monthly temperatures throughout the CET. The CET record is held and maintained by the Met Office.

CET Dashboard in Power BI

Central England Temperature Warmest Seasons Scatter Graph

CET Warmest Seasons in Power BI

Central England Temperature Line Graph

CET Whole in Power BI


The Dashboard below is a Report containing 6 Visualisations displaying main weather measures over a 4 hour period.

High Peak Weather Dashboard in Power BI

Stacked Area Chart

This chart is a Stacked Area Chart displaying the average temperature throughout the last few years.

High Peak Average Temperature Stacked Area Chart in Power BI

Stacked Bar Chart

CET Stacked Bar