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Business Intelligence

Chapel Data Services Ltd provides on-site or off-site business intelligence IT services to companies or individuals. If you have a requirement for a Microsoft certified SSRS\SSIS\SQL Developer or Power BI report then check out the reports and technology driving the reports on the various pages of this web site then go to the contact link at the bottom of the page for further information. All graphs and tables on the site are SSRS or Power BI report images produced from SQL Server database objects developed by Chapel Data Services Ltd.
The design of the end to end system producing the data on this site is described on the System Details page.

Business Intelligence Skillset

SSRS, SSIS and T-SQL combined to create Business Intelligence solutions (BI)
SSRS reports, dashboards, multi-page reports, drill down, drill through, charts, matrix tables and generic data views, security and subscriptions
SSIS development, maintenance and deployment to production environments
SQL Server to 2016 including database design and development of tables, stored procedures, views, functions, indexing, migration, clustering, replication, tuning and maintenance plans also including production support